Simple Ways To Jumpstart Weight Loss


Millions of people around the world struggle with weight issues. Whether the goal is 10 pounds or 100, the hardest part of any diet is getting started. When the goal is so far away, it can be difficult to stay motivated while new dietary and fitness habits are developed. Fortunately there are a few ways to jumpstart weight loss.
The easiest way to jumpstart weight loss is to set smaller, but more frequent goals. This is especially useful for those who have a large amount of weight to lose.

It is easy to get discouraged when a weight loss goal is months, even years away. A better idea is to break that goal up into several smaller, more manageable goals. When a milestone is reached, a reward should await. It is important to make sure the reward is not food related. Good reward ideas include a day at the spa, shopping trip, or concert tickets.

Another great way to start a new diet plan is with a short detoxification process. This can be achieved through either a supplement based cleanse or a juice fast. The goal is to cleanse the body of toxins accumulated from bad eating habits. There may be some initial discomfort during the cleanse, however it is well worth it to start a new healthy eating plan with a fresh start.

Anyone starting a new weight loss plan could use support, and more is better. An individual with a strong support system is far more likely to not only reach their goals, but maintain the weight loss for life. It is best to enlist as much help as possible, and if there is someone who needs to lose weight as well, each can motivate the other. Not only will these people provide support, they can also provide accountability, keeping the dieter on track, especially when dining out or at social functions.

If smaller portions are proving difficult, it is possible to fool the mind without adding to the calorie count. By using smaller plates for meals, the food takes up more room, and there appears to be more of it than there really is. Sometimes simply seeing a big plate with a tiny portion of food on it is enough to trigger a feeling of being deprived, even if the amount of food is adequate. Similarly, a tiny plate that is heaping with food will trigger feelings of abundance, even if the amount is less than normal. If that is not enough, a glass of water before the meal can also serve to help fool the stomach into feeling more full.




Losing weight is never easy, but with a little work and dedication it is possible. Because the changes being made are meant to last a lifetime, it can be hard to break old habits and even begin to change. Jumpstart weight loss with the ideas presented here, and it will be easier to stick with the new diet and exercise plan and make lasting changes.